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Friday, June 18, 2010

Posing on the High Dive Only to Land a Belly Flop

Remember in school when we had to write papers entitled, "My Summer Vacation," or "My Greatest Achievement?" Well, today I rewrote a paper in my head entitled, "My Greatest Asset."

It occurred to me that my greatest asset might not be what Strength Finders totes as an activator. I realized that perhaps my greatest strength and possibly yours is being a fool!
Here is why: after recently feeling that I capsized an opportunity to impress, I found myself tickled by my over the top ability to strike a pose on the high dive and quickly descend into a belly flop.

You may think I’m being self deprecating, but really I am not. You see after a friend said she adored my childlike innocence, I decided to reframe my belly flop knack and call it a gift! Maybe her comment was really just a nice way of saying I’m a dingbat, I’m not sure? However, I do hold evidence of probably being one of the only waitresses who managed to break the cork off of wine bottles I was required to open table side at what was once Los Angeles’ trendy Mustache CafĂ©. Or ask my friends about the bowling party where I approached the lane, over stepped my landing and performed a perfect split!

You see, I am learning to use my blunders as opportunities! What better time is there to play it up big, laugh at myself and not take life so seriously? Really, I’m not competing for the Presidential office!

When recounting my assets, I’m definitely voting for my ability to perform ludicrous feats off the high dive at inappropriate times, but hey at least I’m diving! I see the mileage I can get out of this as I turn every faux pas, or awkward trip down the red carpet into an opportunity to mine for humor and fun.

A spoon full of humor makes like a heck of a lot easier to swallow! How is your humor threshold? Do you also display an unusual propensity for belly flops? How can you turn an uncanny knack for humiliation into an opportunity?