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Monday, July 5, 2010

Misbehaving Hues

Most people would probably say they don’t care for loose ends, but would rather maintain a world that’s free from sharp edges and smooth like a frosted cake. I for one love it when my desk is clean and all clutter has gone out with the trash. However, life and people are not so easily rounded off, or contained!

Have you noticed that no matter how hard you try, your heart can’t be made to keep up? You’re head may be able to line life up like a battalion of tin soldiers, yet your heart is the straggler teetering on the edge of resolution, when your head says move-on. Your heart is willing to be wrong, while your head demands perfection.

Once I made my daughter the most spectacular, yet exasperating, heart shaped, rose covered birthday cake, and then retired forever from cake decorating! The effort it took to decorate that cake did not come easily for me. I was never able to get the pink icing perfectly consistent and smooth. Instead it revealed slight imperfections and variations of hue. Yet I poured my heart into that cake, and made it with every ounce of love within me.

Life is much like that cake and so I try to soothe by head when it wants perfection. Now I don’t work as hard to smooth out the bumps and sharp edges of life; instead I try to accept the variations that pop up in every bite of life, as exotic hues and flavors. I would like to be one who welcomes those sometimes misbehaving hues, as much as I do a flavorful piece of cake. What new hues are you redefining and learning to accept in your life?