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Monday, June 7, 2010

Where Is Your Hook Up?

Living for two weeks in a world without Internet has caused me to focus my attention on another powerful communication connection. While Internet providers have the ability to charge for their in-demand services, the hook-up I’m speaking about is absolutely free. However, it is only available to those who avail themselves to an inside hook-up.

Some call it intuition, some call it providence. I call it a God-connect. However, without awareness and faith this connection is powerless. Yet, it is necessary to apply a further crucial step when it comes to bringing the information you receive through this powerful line from the invisible world into the material.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about. After working to move into our new digs here in Los Angeles, the family became quite parched, so I walked to a near by restaurant to purchase thirst quenching drinks. As I walked away from our place and turned the corner I read a bold proclamation that says, “Safe and Secure” high above the street on the side of a building.

Only a few hours earlier as my son Sam and I waited to apprehend the keys to our new place I noticed scads of activity coming and going down our street. I blurted out to Sam that I believed what I saw was a drug house. I blurted out a quick proclamation/prayer about the safety of our street. Later that afternoon when our family walked by this particular house on our way to dinner, we noticed that a crowd of policemen had gathered during a drug bust. Interestingly LA’s finest are not the only ones concerned about the welfare of the city. Even higher forces care about the city’s warfare. And we have the ability to get connected with that force and speak God’s highest intention into our environments.

I am not taking credit for the drug bust; however I am offering the idea that we can get on board and align ourselves and circumstances with divine purposes by speaking into being what is not as though it were.

Here is an illustration of an earlier situation that transpired a few days before that challenged me to be mindful of the words I speak. While enjoying the refreshing breeze at a beach side restaurant in a Santa Monica, I retold the story of my husband and son Josh’s previous restaurant nightmare, during their trek to Cali. While stopping to spend the night with my Dad, the famished men enjoyed dinning out until the waitress approached their table and dropped their meals on the floor in front of them.

As soon as the disastrous story escaped my lips, to my chagrin our Santa Monica waiter reenacted my very word as I watched my sisters egg brunch slather across the floor! Immediately I recognized the warning and covered my mouth in horror.

You may not think yourself so powerful, but have you considered that maybe you are more than a passive passenger on this ride called life? What if you actually had the invitation to be partners and co-laborer with God? What if you had the choice to speak words of life, rather than words that tear down? I challenge you to watch for the signs. You might discover an invitation to your own God-connect where you too can get hooked-up?