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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Abundance Is An Inside Job

Kim George the creator of Abundance Intelligence™ said, “Abundance is an inside job.” The Abundance Intelligence concept is built around the idea that abundance is measured by our ability to be who we truly are. In contrast the ultimate scarcity mentality is seen in resisting who we are, and being held back by the limitations surrounding who we THINK we are. This kind of scarcity in perceiving ourselves to be less than we truly are is shaped by life events that create our own story, or script about who we believe ourselves to be. The life we live is built around what we think and believe at the core, not just what we think we believe!

Many struggle to comprehend that we have the divine embedded within us, and instead choose to live from the place of past failures and insufficiency. Many times we choose to focus and give power to our own weaknesses and brokenness, rather than the greatness we posses, because of the divine signature resident within each of us.

In the famous words of Jesus we hear the exhortation given to the paralytic: “Rise and walk.” We can receive the same encouragement to rise into the greatness of who we were created to be, moving out of the places that have kept us stuck, and paralyzed and into our fullest capacity. If abundance is an inside job, what is holding you back in the way you think, and believe about yourself?